Iā€™m thrilled to be mastering at Railtown Mastering in Vancouver B.C. Railtown Mastering is located in the historic Gastown area of Vancouver. Situated on the corner of Main and Alexander, one block from the waterfront. The studio is owned by mastering engineer Andrew Spindor. It was designed and built  by Fred Gilpin and William Barker of FGA Acoustics, and architect/designer Brooke Dedrick.

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Mastering is the final stage before the manufacturing process. Your last chance to make some impact. My goal is to make your mixes sound deep with detail and depth while keeping a balanced tone. I've been mastering records for over half my life already, I have the experience to master your record to suit your artistic and genre specific needs. From death metal to jazz, hip-hop and everything in between, i've mastered it! I'm going to make your record sound better, not just louder. 

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For CD mastering we will be delivering you a DDP (Disc Description Protocol) file set. This will include CD Text and ISRC codes.  

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We also deliver 24 Bit masters for upload to streaming sites and iTunes



Vinyl masters are delivered as one stereo 24 bit high resolution WAV file for each side. There are physical limitations to vinyl and care must be taken when creating a pre-master to allow for transparent vinyl cutting. Excessive loudness and high end are two things you must avoid in your mix. Excessive high end will result in distortion when cut to vinyl. 

The following are the maximum recommended times for vinyl. Side lengths vary depending on pressing plant. Shorter sides can result in louder records and an increase in fidelity. 

33 RPM 12" : 18 to 20 minutes maximum (up to 24 mins if you must)

45 RPM 12" : 14 to 15.5 minutes maximum

33 RPM 7": 6 to 7 minutes maximum

45 RPM 7": 5 to 6 minutes maximum

33 RPM 10": 14 to 15.5 minutes maximum

45 RPM 10" 10.5 to 11.5 minutes maximum



When finalizing your mixes, please make sure to leave at least 3 to 6db of headroom. Please remove any limiting, clipping and dither from your mix bus. Limiting or clipping your mix bus can greatly decrease the ability to master your project without unwanted artifacts. Control your dynamics but please leave your transients intact.

I'm all for wild and crazy artistic mixes, if you have doubts about your mix bus processing please send a version with and without the processing. I can use your processing as a guide to what your artistically trying to achieve. 

Please deliver your mixes at the bit rate and sample rate you have recorded at or mixed down to. Please do not up or down sample your mixes. .WAV or .AIFF are accepted file types. Please do not send MP3's or any other compressed files. 

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