I am mastering in the beautiful new room at Railtown Mastering. This place sounds incredible.

Railtown Mastering is located in the historic Gastown area of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Situated on the corner of Main and Alexander, one block from the waterfront.

The studio was designed and built by Fred Gilpin and William Barker of FGA Acoustics, mastering engineer and owner Andrew Spindor, and architect/designer Brooke Dedrick.

For detailed gear info and FAQ, please head over to the Railtown Mastering site here.


Single Song $100

2-5 Songs $90 per song

6+ Songs $80 per song

Vinyl Premaster $100

DDP File for CD Duplication $50

iTunes MFiT Master $50

24 Bit High Resolution $5 per song

Streaming Master $5 per song

MP3s or AAC with Metadata $3 per song

Gracenote Data Submission $30


Please send 24 or 32 bit wave or aiff files at the sample rate that you have captured your mixes.

Remove any limiting you have on the mix, and make sure your peaks aren't hitting (or exceeding) 0 dBFS. There's a widespread misconception that mastering engineers require 3-6 dB of headroom, but this is simply not true. As long as it's not clipping, everything is fine!

Another misconception is that you shouldn't use any mix buss processing at all. Also false. Nothing wrong with compression and EQ. We do however advise against heavy handed compression and/or limiting for the sake of loudness, as well as the use of stereo widening tools on the mix buss. If you have any doubts about what you've done, please send us a version with and without.

For data entry please include:

band name / album name / song titles / song order / side split for vinyl / ISRC and UPC codes for cd master / musical genre for metadata

If you have any questions regarding your files, please email me

If you have any questions about DDP files, or ISRC codes and where to get them. Head over to the Railtown Mastering FAQ section.

Upload your files via the UPLOAD FILES page.